The Downhill View

22 08 2010

On my next birthday I will be 62 years old. Unless I live to at least 125, I am closer to the date of my death than the date of my birth. Thus, the the blog title, thedownhillview.

I think I’m okay being on the downhill side of life. I don’t really see it as an overall negative as the term might imply. Remember, the downhill part of any journey should be easier and generally is. In fact, I see my remaining years as a time to relish and pass on the lessons I have learned while looking forward to the ones yet to be learned.

As long as my health and the health of my wife, Linda, hold out for the next twenty to thirty years, then I will have no complaints. Of course, good health is such a relative term based on where a person is in life. I can live with the aches and pains associated with age and paying the price for abusing a young body but I hope we can avoid some of the serious problems that many people our age are starting to experience with both mind and body.

Speaking of problems with the mind, my four grown children always reassure me that if the day comes when I do step over the threshold into the great unknown called senility, I will not be alone in my lack of awareness that anything has changed.

Between now and that moment when my mind turns to oatmeal, I hope to figure out what I have learned in life and what I still need to understand. I am hoping this blog will serve as a vehicle/tool/catalyst (you choose the word) for accomplishing that goal.

I doubt that I will post every day or even ever week. I suspect blogging is a bit like keeping a diary or journaling; two activities I have never been drawn to in the first part of my life. I do have a lot of thoughts about life, most of which, when openly expressed, generally evoke wrinkled brows, “dumb cow” looks and responses overflowing with expletives questioning what is the half-life of some the compounds I ingested in the late 1960s.

That about wraps up my overview and explanation of “Why thedownhillview?” Stay tuned. I will usually post after I mow the grass. We mow about six acres and I do a lot of thinking as I ride around on the mower. An appropriate subtitle for thedownhillview might well be If It’s Green It Must be Grass: Thoughts From Atop a Riding Mower.

See you on the other side:





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